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About us

ACTEK is an italian company manufacturing burners located in the area north of Milan.

We sell with the brand AC.TEK.

Our claim is “Advanced Combustion Technologies”

Advanced : we never stop to research , to be one step ahead.
Combustion : our great experience make us the leader on combustion technology
Technologies : we never stop to invest in new technologies, both in lab, in research and in production.

We are producing only in Italy and selling worldwide to the most important household manufacturer.
Production capacity : 1 milion tube burners and 1 milion sheetmetal burners.


ACTEK belives in continuous improvement and toatl quality. For this reason it applies the ISO 9001:2015, as one of the first in Italy.

Group History

Enrico Amati writes a blog on new technologies and energy saving: You can visit here ENRICO AMATI'S BLOG